Information for Business (IFB) is based in Sydney, Australia and provides consulting services to small and medium business’s.

IFB focuses on two main areas that are essential to the success and many cases the survival of a business, information flows and their integration into the business’s accounting system.

Over the past 23 years IFB has developed a broad range of solutions using FileMaker in many areas of business including; publishing, storage, service companies, wholesale, nursing and employment agencies, hearing clinics, entertainment, importing, visual arts, non profit organisations, copyright collection, manufacturing, funds management and a number of other businesses.

We have particular expertise in integrating with accounting and financial systems, such as MYOB as well as large enterprise type systems. Another area of expertise is the development of user specific CRM (client relationship management) systems.


Matt Sawyer

Matt Sawyer has over 30 years of experience in a broad range of business’s in a number of management roles and for the past 23 years has focused on providing the services described above.

Professional Qualifications  and Memberships

- MBA from the Australian Graduate School of Management - University of NSW.

  1. -Chartered Company Secretary  - Australian Institute of Chartered Secretaries

  2. -FileMaker Business Alliance

Technical Qualifications

FileMaker 13 Certified Developer

MYOB Certified Consultant